Roomba 860 vs 880: How Different are These Two Robot Vacuums?

With the advancement in technology, robotics is bringing out a new revolution in this world. Also, it has made our lives to the easiest. One such product is the robotic vacuum cleaner. Roomba is one of the fastest growing companies presenting irobot technology of Vacuum Cleaner.




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Roomba 880

Roomba 860

These are the robot vacuum which made cleaning much easier then ever before. Nowadays, the company has launched the advanced model Roomba 890 which overcomes the drawbacks of both the models, but here we will focus only on Roomba 860 and Roomba 880 and their comparison and will find out the best for you.

Physical appearance:-

The models are approximately the same with little difference in their hardware. Other than this, the functions, button and accessing is same. Both the models are round in shape with five buttons on the top. The main button is for activating the model and rest other small buttons are for different functions. From the bottom view, both have a single side brush and the counter-rotating extractors in between rubber wheels.

1 Colour - 


As by looking at the model, Roomba 860 comes with silver color whereas Roomba 880 comes with black color. Other than that the overall model is the same including the button and sensory systems.

2 Virtual walls - 


If you have one bedroom apartments, then Roomba 860 is better because it has only one virtual wall. Whereas Roomba 880 has two virtual walls giving you a better cleaning every day.

3 Remote - 


Roomba 880 is provided with remote control facility so that you can access it by sitting at your room. It is another type of maid which does your work quickly, easily and perfectly. While you need to walk with roomba 860, as it doesn’t have remote facility.

4 Entire level cleaning - 


You can be very free with roomba 880, as it does cleaning intelligently. It can switch up between rooms, while roomba 860 lacks in this intelligence.

Other than this, both the models have

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    Full Bin Indicator. 
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    HEPA Filter.
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    IAdapt Navigation. 
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    Suction Type With Aeroforce(5x Power). 
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    Spot Cleaning ● Debris Extractor. ● Virtual Walls ● Durable Battery. ● Dimensions (13.9 X 3.6 In) ● No Wifi Facility. 

Roomba 880 over Roomba 860. 

Key features - 


1. Anti-tangle extractors.
2. Aeroforce suction.
3. Smart navigation.
4. Virtual walls.
5. Battery durability.

1 Anti-tangle Extractors - 

Anti-tangle or free extractors has made the model much more advanced in cleaning. The model provides you with rubber rollers which directly puts up the human and pet hairs in the bin. With these features, the dirt and dust do not stick up to the brushes and doesn’t get wrapped. These made cleaning and maintenance of Roomba 880 much easy and affordable price.

2 Aero-force Suction -


This aero force suction provides the three-stage cleaning system, making the model incredibly stronger. It has two power level, Aero-force, and Aero-vac. According to the company, Aero-force is the strongest and has the 5x suction power than the other. It has Optical and Acoustics Sensors which helps in detecting a higher level of concentrations and focuses on that. It can be scheduled seven times per week or once in a day.

3 Smart Navigation - 

iAdapt navigation or smart navigation is provided up with the model and is overcome to 600 and 700 series. This navigation provides an eye to the robot which scans your room before cleaning, so it cannot be hit up by any obstacle. Also, it doesn’t damage itself and your room decor. The robot knows where it is heading. So the model gives you a complete cleaning of room, without missing any areas. 

4 Virtual walls - 

Before getting info about it, let’s know about the “Virtual walls.” This is a path blocker for the robot so that it cannot go beyond the limit. It uses IR signals to block the path. You can use it as for cleaning of one specific area. It has two virtual walls.

5 Battery Durability - 

The battery of roomba 880 is made up of Ni-Mh, whereas roomba 860 has a battery made up of Lithium Ion. So it is more durable.

Cons of Roomba 880 -

Since nothing is perfect in this imperfect world. So the model also has some cons or deficiencies. This is overcome by Roomba 890 which is cheaper than roomba 880. 

Some of the cons of the model are:-  It doesn’t provide auto resume technique. Means if its battery is discharged while working, it will go automatically to the charger and gets charged. However, it will not go to the same place where it had left. So you need to have a look at it for complete cleaning in such case.

Two virtual walls are not sufficient in case of big rooms. You will need more virtual walls in such a case. Some of the other brands are providing infinite virtual walls within an app — the model also lacks good wifi connectivity.

While cleaning the carpet, the suction power required by the machine is high to take all the dirt and dust. But with roomba 880, it does not provide high suction power. As it doesn’t have carpet boost option, that means when the robot comes on carpet it automatically increases its suction power.

Price and Packing

Roomba 860 is something 100 dollars cheaper than Roomba 880. Roomba 890 is much cheaper than this. About the package and delivery from Amazon, you will get a Remote, three extra side brushes and HEPA filters.

So by seeing all the pros and cons of the model, you can look for the one which suits you, your adaptability and the size of your home.

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