iRobot Roomba 650 vs iRobot Roomba 880

Robotic vacuum cleaners are quite helpful in our busy working lives. The biggest advantage of using a robotic vacuum cleaner is that it works silently compared to regular vacuum cleaners as well as they are quite convenient to use and saves time. 

So if we talk about Roomba, they are one of the biggest names in robot vacuums. Roomba is known for producing top-notch products for consumers.




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Roomba 650

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Various Roomba models have different features and specifications, so it’s natural for anyone to get confused about which one to buy and which suits you the best. So in this article, we will make a comparison between Roomba 650 and 880 which will help you to choose one as per your need.

Know about Roomba 650

The Roomba 650 vacuum cleaner is an ideal choice for medium-sized rooms and works very well flat areas and with small carpets. This machine has a tried-and-true circular style design, and it comes with utilitarian black and grey trimmings and an industrial aesthetic.

 This machine features a three-stage cleaning system which can pick up dirt, pet hair, and debris very effectively. The 3-stage cleaning system also comes with a spinning side brush which will help to clean wall edges.

This machine uses a dirt detection system to analyze where dirt and debris are in the house also this machine can scan the room up to 60 times per second which helps it to create a clear path. This machine comes with a large button on the top, so when you turned it on it will start cleaning.



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    The Dust Bin Of This Machine Is Larger Compared To Other Models. So It Doesn’t Have To Be Emptied As Frequently.
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    This Machine Has A Long Battery Life 
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    With Some Other Competitors Are Only Capable On Hard Floors This Machine Can Clean All Floor Types
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    This Machine Is Very Simple To Program
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    This Machine Takes A Long Time To Get Fully Charged.
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    This Machine Doesn't Have The Memorize Floor Pattern Feature As The Newer Versions Have.

Know about Roomba 880

The Roomba 880 is a high-end vacuum cleaner, and it is the second most advanced from the iRobot brand. In the center of this machine, there is a large circular disk with a flip-up handle. You can also schedule this machine to clean your whole house whenever you want.

This machine is equipped with a multi-room navigation feature which enables this machine to zip from one room to another on its own.

This machine comes with a HEPA-style filter which can capture dust, dirt, and allergens as small as a single micron. This machine works very well on hardwood and other hard surfaces. This machine comes with a remote control which quite easy to use. This machine is equipped with an improved XLife extended life battery which doubles its cleaning cycle.



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    This Machine Comes With Rubber Beater Bar Which Is Easy To Clean.
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    You Can Easily Schedule This Machine To Run Automatically
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    This Machine Has A Strong Suction Which Is Good For Multi Surfaces
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    This Machine Is Equipped With The Patented XLife Battery Which Is 2x Stronger
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    This Machine Takes A Long Time To Clean A Room.
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    This Machine Doesn't Have Any Smartphone Connectivity

Comparison: how they differ? 

Now we will compare these machines on some of the basic parameters like price, design, etc.. so it will help you to choose a perfect machine.

Weight and Design


The dimensions of Roomba650 are 13.4 inches(L) × 13.4 inches(W)× 3.6 inches(H), and it weighs 7lbs and the dimensions of Roomba 880 are 13.9 inches(L) × 13.9 inches(W)× 3.6 inches(H), and it weighs 8.4 lbs. And if we talk about design, the Roomba 650 offers a sleek design.

 It includes a handle on top for easy pickup and has a simple user interface. The Roomba 880 has a circular design, and it comes in a jet-black glossy finish which makes it look more sleek and classy.



Both of this machine comes with some amazing features. So if we talk about Roomba 650, it is equipped with a 3-stage cleaning system which is designed to pick up dirt, pet hair, and debris from laminated flooring, hardwood, and carpets. This machine is also easy to program, and it can be scheduled for up to 7 cleaning sessions.

This machine doesn't have any complicated buttons or settings. Instead, there is a large button on top for cleaning. And if we talk about Roomba 880, it comes with a remote control so you can control this machine and perform different settings very easily.

This machine can also clean for 4 hours before it needs to be recharged. This machine is also equipped with full dirt receptacle alert feature, which will give you alert messages when the receptacle becomes full and in need of emptying.



Another important aspect that you should look in robotic vacuum filters. Good quality of filters is quite helpful in removing in various dust particles and allergens. So if we talk about Roomba 650, it uses an Aerovac filter which will block out allergens very easily. And if we talk about Roomba 880, it uses AeroForce High-Efficiency Filter which can seize 99% of allergens, pollen, and particles.

Final Verdict

The answer is going to depend upon numbers of factors like the amount you want to spend and also on your taste. Both of this machine do a tremendous job at cleaning our homes. So if we talk about Roomba 650, it uses the iAdapt 1.0 navigation technology which will meet your needs. This machine has good cleaning abilities, and with a little of manual cleaning your home will have a fresh look but if we talk about Roomba 880, it is an advanced machine that comes good cleaning abilities, more power, and better batteries. So, if budget is not a problem, then you should go for Roomba 880 as it offers some amazing features.

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