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A Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Is A Vacuum Cleaner Which Works Automatically Without Human Control. 

The Biggest Advantage Of Using A Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Is That It Works Silently Compared To Regular Vacuum Cleaners.

So If We Talk About Roomba, It Is A Series Of Robotic Vacuum Cleaners Sold By IRobot. 




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Roomba 618

The robotic vacuum cleaners have gained a lot of interest from people and have become most demanded product in the market.

Using a robotic vacuum cleaner not only saves time but also it is an ideal choice for those people having mobility issues. 

There are various types of robotic vacuum in the market having some different features and specifications, so it is quite tough for anyone to choose one. So in this article, we will be reviewing Roomba 618 which will help you to know more about this product.

A quick word for Roomba 618

The Roomba 618 robotic vacuum cleaner is one of a good gadget that you should have for your home cleaning tasks.

Roomba 618 can clean up your floor very effectively by utilizing its high-tech brushes and sensors. This machine is equipped with a 3-Stage cleaning system.

​​​​This machine is small in size due to which it can work very well under the beds, sofas and other furniture.

# Design


The Roomba 618 has an oval-shaped body which is the traditional body for all Roomba vacuum cleaners. This machine provides a thorough clean at the push of a button. The Roomba 618 comes in a low profile, disc-shaped design and it comes in the combination of black and grey color trimmings.

Due to its low profile design, it can easily reach under furniture and other hard to reach areas. The Roomba 618 draws attention to its sleek body aesthetics and its rounded corners add some amount of uniqueness to the design.

 The dimensions of Roomba 618 are 10.7(L) x 17.5(W) x 19.0( H) Inches, and it weighs 10.99 pounds.

# Performance


The Roomba 618 can clean up your floor very effectively with the push of a button. This machine comes with its patented 3-Stage cleaning system by which it can easily suction dirt, allergens, etc..

on the floors. The Roomba 618 uses a procedure called as Roomba bounce which means that this machine will travel in a straight line until some object come in its way.

The suction power of Roomba 618 is significantly better than the 500 series models. 

The cleaning head of this machine adjusts automatically whenever it senses a new type of floor. The dual brushes of this machine use a unique combination of brushing and suction, to clean everything from small to large particles off your floor. Controlling this unit is quite easy as you just have to press the clean button and off it goes to work

# Features and Functions




The Roomba 618 comes with a docking station where these machine returns for charging when it is not in use. The docking station doesn’t take up very much space. But unfortunately, this machine will not start cleaning after a full charge although it returns to the dock automatically.

So you’ll have to take these machine back and press the clean button again to continue cleaning. The Roomba 618 takes 3 hours to fully charge from empty which is quite fast compared to other competitors. This machine can run up to 60 minutes on a full battery.

Navigation and sensors

Sensors are one of an important factor that you should look in robotic vacuum cleaners. So if we talk Roomba 618, the presence of advanced sensors helps this machine to navigate your home intelligently.

This machine uses iAdapt Navigation technology which helps this machine to make more than 60 decisions per second. Navigation is also quite easy for this machine. This machine also features an inbuilt cliff detection sensors which prevent this machine from falling stairs and other drop-off points in the house.

Dual Multi-Surface Brushes

Roomba is the only leading brand that provides two cleaning brushes. So if we talk about Roomba 618, it also comes with two brushes - one to loosen dirt and another one is used for to pick it up and remove dirt, dust, other larger debris from your floors.

The dustbin of this machine is larger compared to other competitors. So if you have a large home, then this machine would be an ideal choice.

# Virtual Walls

A virtual wall is a way that stops a robotic vacuum cleaner from entering a specific area of a room. So if we talk about Roomba 618, it has a separate device that creates a virtual wall.

This device draws virtual lines where the robot is not meant to bypass. These virtual walls is a quite helpful device for Roomba owners to own as they are helpful to block off stretches such as an area of the living room because of the presence of a delicate equipment



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    The Roomba 618 Has Virtual Walls Support, And It Also Includes A Full Set Of Intelligent Sensors
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    Due To Its Low Profile Design, It Can Get Under Your Furniture And Other Hard To Reach Areas
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    This Machine Has A 3-Stage Patented Cleaning System
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    This Machine Works Very Effectively On Various Floor Types Various Floor Types Including Carpet, Wood, Laminate, Or Tile.
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    This Machine Does Not Resume Cleaning After A Full Charge.
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    It Doesn't Have Any Remote Control Support Or Mobile App Integration

Final Verdict

The Roomba robot vacuum cleaner is one of an excellent vacuum cleaner available in the marketplace. So if we talk about Roomba 618, it is a well worth investment. Compare to other competitors at the same price; this machine offers a great value for the price tagged. It is a proven device which can take care of your cleaning needs and works very effectively on all types of flooring. Overall it is a great vacuum cleaner, and it would be a perfect choice for those who need a quiet, efficient and a powerful robotic vacuum cleaner.

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