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Covering a SpaceX rocket launch from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center with the iPhone 11 Pro Max




I recently had the incredible experience of witnessing the launch of a SpaceX missile at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. NASA Social organized the event, which included foreground access to NASA’s huge vehicle building, the historic 39B launch pad and the fantastic views of the Falcon 9 rocket launch.


Image result for Covering a SpaceX rocket launch from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center with the iPhone 11 Pro Max


Below are some of my favorite photos captured on the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Some of these require the new ultra-wide camera to fully capture the scene.

NASA Social
In summary, NASA’s social experience has been a super effective catalyst to turn my passive interest in space into a true obsession.

Being surrounded by other curious people about space with different levels of knowledge of space news and historical facts is only informative. The trip also gave me a perspective of how skilled we are all in our fields. This was both humiliating and inspiring.

See the work of some of my colleagues from NASA Social who have already shared their experiences:

Victoria Heath, Creative Commons Communications Manager
Alex Orphanos, Today in Space podcast and YouTube channel host
Elena Salazar, director of digital marketing at VMWare
Gene Gore, @SpacePadreIsle on Twitter and SPadre on YouTube
The photos fail to capture that feeling, but hopefully they are at least beautiful to see. If you are curious to discover space exploration, missile launching or modern science, I recommend that you learn about NASA’s social effort or plan to participate only in a missile launch.

In the final moments of the three-day experience, Alex asked the remaining participants to share a brief idea about the experience. Look at us while we pass the iPhone with microphone:

Why were we so excited? CRS-19, a commercial resupply mission hired by NASA and led by the SpaceX company of Elon Musk. We saw SpaceX launch its Falcon 9 rocket from a NASA launch pad to provide research and supplies to the International Space Station using a reusable Dragon spacecraft. After 32 days, the dragon capsule returned to Earth today.

Here is the camera view of the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Special thanks to my colleague Michael Steeber for ordering more than 400 photos and editing these photos of my trip.

Release day
As for the current rocket launch, two things went well and one went very badly during the acquisition of the experience.

The cameras on my iPad Pro and Sony RX100 have positioned themselves to capture videos on their own during launch. Both videos captured the first moments of the release and the great sound wave that follows very well.

I kept my iPhone 11 Pro Max to capture both the rocket flight and my reaction in real time using the fantastic DuetCam. Some iPhones (XR, XS, 11, 11 Pro) can record videos from the front and rear cameras simultaneously with special applications.

I kept my eyes on the real rocket as it rose from the ground and rose through the sky so that my memory did not pass through the screen of an iPhone, but the footage was fantastic as I watched it to see the view.

Then, a spam call stopped and deleted the video recording. You should have used Do not disturb or block unknown calls, but phone calls should also behave like other notifications. It is not space science. 😉

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Westworld season three returns on March 15

Craig C. Ewald



In summary: HBO launched its latest advance on YouTube over the weekend. While the clip doesn’t show any live action like previous offers did, it does provide what could be a possible plot pattern … or maybe it’s just an “announcement” made for Westworld and that’s just one of many scenarios including guests can choose. With Westworld, it’s difficult to say it anyway.
The third season of HBO Westworld will premiere on March 15, 2020, revealing a new twist.


Image result for Westworld season three returns on March 15


Westworld’s first season was presented in late 2016 with excellent reviews. The long-awaited second season, however, has lost its mark and has been criticized for being … well, a disjointed disaster.

There is great hope for season 3, as it appears to represent life outside the park and attracts some strong hitters, including Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul.


Image result for Westworld season three returns on March 15

Unlike Netflix, HBO has mainly adhered to the old guard’s way of launching new episodes of a show: going out on television, pretty much. This means that every new episode will be released every week at a set time and you will have to tune in or record it on the DVR instead of being able to spend the whole season at once.

However, if the third season manages to recover some of the magic provided by the first, it will be worth it.

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GameCube Joy-Cons Now Exist Thanks to Modder

Roger T Wilson



Building a better mouse trap: one thing I don’t like about Nintendo Switch is JoyCons. I find them extremely uncomfortable to use connected to the console. They are better off using disconnected, but still a little difficult to manage. If someone invented a more comfortable set of JoyCons …


Image result for Modder converts WaveBird GameCube controller into Switch JoyCons


A modder who takes over from Shank has created a set of JoyCons for Nintendo Switch that look and feel like a GameCube controller.

He used the internal circuits of a true JoyCons set, so his mod has all the functionality of the Nintendo Switch controllers, except the IR sensor. Other than that, they work as expected. They also have small buttons on the connector side for sideways use in two player games.

Shank also created a central section to join them. This connector essentially makes it a GameCube WaveBird controller that works with the Nintendo Switch.

The chassis was created with a first WaveBird gamepad, which is Nintendo’s GameCube wireless controller. It may be obvious that Frankensteining with the two controllers was not as simple as emptying WaveBird, cutting it in half, hitting the JoyCon plates and gluing the connector parts.

Shank had to modify the interior of the controller with 3D printed parts in order to assemble the JoyCon components. There were also many other obstacles he had to overcome, including the conversion of the analog WaveBird buttons to digital ones. The entire project took several months to complete.

Shank has no plans to sell his mod because it was very difficult to do.

“These JoyCons are not for sale,” he said. “It was difficult to do them and I won’t do another set.”

However, he said he would eventually release the CAD files for those who wanted to create their own set, but he advised: “This is not a beginner’s project.” Shank is an expert modder and there have been many frustrating hours. assembly, testing, disassembly, desoldering, welding and repetition.

Of course, since you’ve already pioneered and stumbled across all obstacles, it should be easier to repeat the process. If you are smart in this way, it may be worth the effort. Shank says that WaveBird controllers are much more comfortable to use than standard JoyCon and look similar. Above all, they do not suffer from JoyCon’s drift.

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Amazon’s Kindle deals clearout has Black Friday prices

Maria M. Carrier



In conclusion: do you still have holiday gift cards or extra money burning a hole in your pocket? We know the feeling, and Amazon too. On Monday, the e-commerce giant reduced the prices of its Kindle e-reader line to the levels of Black Friday in the hope that it would separate from the last trip of its holiday and that the offers could be too beautiful not to be missed.


Image result for Amazon drops Kindles to Black Friday-level prices for a limited time

For a limited time, you can get Amazon Kindle Paperwhite for just $ 84.99, or a 35% discount (or $ 45, as you wish to see it), the normal $ 129.99 rate, and one of the lowest prices that We have never seen

The latest Kindle Paperwhite includes a six-inch anti-glare screen with 300 PPI that also stands out in direct sunlight. You can get it with 8 GB or 32 GB of local storage and in your choice of black or blue schemes. It has an IPX8 protection rating, which means it can withstand immersion of up to two meters of water for 60 minutes.

Those who want to part with a little less money can consider the standard Kindle for sale for $ 59.99, a 33% discount from the daily price. This cheaper variant does not offer waterproofing, has a less impressive display (only 167 PPI) and has only 4 GB of storage space, but it is a little cheaper.

It is difficult to make mistakes in every way, given the prices, but regardless of which one you choose, you need to act quickly, as these daily offers will expire in a few hours.

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